General Secretary

The General Secretary shall be recommended by the Presiding Bishop and/or Executive Board and appointed by the Executive Board.

He Shall be responsible for taking and maintaining and/or receiving minutes for all business sessions with the exception of the Executive Board and Pastors' Council. Further, it shall be the responsibility of the General Secretary to prepare an Annual Minute Book that will encompass business and activities of all the national meetings of the ACCG within the meeting year. The meeting year shall end the day after the closing of the Holy Convocation.

The General Secretary will also be responsible for keeping and maintaining an accurate list of everyone who receives licensure in the ACCG, including all ministers (regardless of titles), deacons, and missionaries. A copy of the list will be made available to the Presiding Bishop no later than thirty (30) days after the closing day of the Holy Convocation. That list will also be a part of the Annual Minute Book. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers will be listed.

He shall advise all secretaries of the ACCG with the exception of the Executive Board Secretary.

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary is appointed by the Presiding Bishop and Executive Board, and serves at their pleasure.

Duties and responsibilities shall include:

  • Keep current records of all income and expenditures for all National ACCG Meetings.
  • Prepare financial statements based on offerings, other income, church financial reports, and registration income for the Executive Board.
  • Make recommendations to the Presiding Bishop/Executive Board for improvement and upgrading of the financial status of the National Church.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Presiding Bishop/Executive Board.




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