• December 25, 2020

Dear ACCG and entire Body of Jesus Christ,

Grace and peace from God, our father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayers are with you always as you continue in the work of the kingdom as servants.
2020 has been a norm altering and life changing year to say the least. Our leader and Presiding Bishop is requesting for all fellowship of churches (each delegate) within the Apostle Church of Christ in God to join in on the “End of Year Consecration”.
This is a time of renewal, revival and restoration. We are asked to seek after God with a fervency and discipline that prepares us for the tremendous favor of 2021 in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Seven Days of Consecration beginning on Christmas and ending on the final day of the year. The number seven has its spiritual significance and with all that has transpired in 2020 we are declaring “Finished”, “Complete”, “It is Done” on a lot of things.
The schedule for our national fasting and prayer information is in the flyer.

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